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ProWein with new visitor record ...

listing from 24th of march 2010

... and good mood!

ProWein in Düsseldorf ended with a new visitor record. From the 21st to the 23rd of march the fair management counted more than 3.300 exhibitors and about 36.000 visitors. Every third has been foreigner, which underlined the international position of the PorWein.


personal comment:
it seemed, that - in contrary to the last year - the conversation again was a bit more about the subject wine itself and less about the financial crises and it's effects on the business. A silver lining on the horizon?

This cannot hide the fact, that not all exchibition halls and not at all every area of origin was likewise frequented. One could reaslise several boots, that's exhibitors probably have not seen more than a handfull of visitors. Although one is asking oneself, whether the trade prearrangements have been done with the same enthusiasm as the wine itself.....

wine consumption in Germany

listing from 23rd of march 2010

less wine consumers in Germany?

According to the lastest statistics from GfK (Consumer Tracking), the number of wine consuming housholds has been declining the second year in a row. This is founded on figures from the food retail market, that figure the percentage of wine-purchasing households up to 60,4% in 2009.

With it's highest peak in 2004 with 64,2%, the assumption is obvious, that the "trend-product wine" has suffered a lot over the last years!

However, not considered in those facts are the sales within the specialised wine-shops. Still, it is debatable, whether those sales could have absorbed the decline.

The comfort remains, that the German consumers very slowly comes back to "quality thinking". Despite the mood of crisis, the average bottle price increased and also the general statement of the consumers tend towards "quality" in contrast to "price". Recently the share of consumers, that tend more towards quality instead of price rose to 48% of total population. at least....!

Quelle: Wein+Markt 3 / 2010

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